Thursday, August 9, 2007

Multiple JavaScript Events Count Down Counter On Same Page for Blogs/Sites

Alright, this is the service for folks demanding able to run multiple JavaScript events countdown counters at the same time on same page. It is the follow up on last post:Like To Show Events Count Down Counter On Your Blog? which was targeting only 1 event count down counter! However, with multiple counters, it requires different approach.
*Note: this service also available for 1 count down counters inside the new blogger post!
Below is what it will look like with multiple event count down counters running at same time on same page...


Customization for multiple event count down counters:
Since it requires generated HTML page, it will be better that I taking care of this for you and all you have to do is copy one line of code into the place where you like to show them. So comment your answers to the questions below and I will customize yours to copy!

#1: How many event count down counters would you like?(1-10)
#2: What are the times for these count down events?(ex:11-23-2009 11:00PM, 1-2-2010 12:00AM ...)
#3: What is the background color?(You can pick color from: Color Codes reference page)
#4: What is the text color?(You can pick color from: Color Codes reference page)
#5: What are the titles for these events?(Tell me in the order based on the above #2:times of events)

#6: That's it, just make sure that you completely answer question from above and put it in your comment.
#7: Bookmark this page(Ctrl+D) and check back for my reply so that you can copy that one line of code and put it on your blog/site!
I will ensure that it fits your needs! Just comment.

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Anonymous said...

1) 3
2) 02-14-2008 12:00PM EST, 03-01-2008 1:05PM EST, 03-31-2008 1:05PM EST.
3) Black
4) Red
5) Pitchers and Catchers Report, First Spring Training Game, Yankees Home Opener.

If there is any way to have the titles in white, that would be SWEET! If not, no big deal...

Thanks, man!