Monday, January 28, 2008

Michelle Aragon - Silent Tears(Lyrics) HD

This is also another one of my top vocal trance of all time!!! I am listening to this with my silent tears comming down hard! Go vocal trance! Also thanks to such lovely compilation of Jennifer Love Hewitt, she is one of my favorite actress!

Beam [Feat. Michelle Aragon] - Silent Tears

Lyric of ... Michelle Aragon - Silent Tears(Bean Pres)
Here I amhidding someone's soul
and we're all for the road
guidding all alone.
Heaven sent us time for your realise,
here it comes.
The time, comes now.
Can't you see the silent tears
only a memory binds us to ourselves.
In those silent tears,
no need for history you see it all around.
In my arms now, floating down,
Waiting by your side.
Tears on the ground, falling down
Waiting by your side.

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