Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cockpit - Flying Sucks (Original Short Series by 60Frames)

Its Sunday and feeling relax, so kicking back and laughing away with couple of original short series by 60Frames named Cockpit A.K.A flying sucks. Very funny and great job!

Cockpit | The New Guy
In the debut episode of Cockpit, watch First Officer John Pinneke's first day on the job. He meets his fellow Mile High Airlines employees including Flight Attendant Dan Wishbone who swears he's not gay.

Mile High Club | Cockpit Ep 2
Wishbone decorates the cockpit for Christmas and Captain Gaskins is bored and detours Flight 69 in episode 2 of Cockpit.

For episode 3-5...


Airing it Out | Cockpit Ep 3
Captain Gaskins has some 'alone time' in the cockpit while Co-Pilot Pinneke is sleeping in episode 3 of Cockpit.

Speed of Smell | Cockpit Ep 4
After Co-Pilot Pinneke ruins the forward bathroom Captain Gaskins attempts to break the speed-of-smell in episode 4 of Cockpit.

Ex-Sex | Cockpit Ep 5
Captain Gaskins wakes up in the cockpit with his ex-girlfriend Trixie, and Pinneke and Wishbone try to cheer up the heartsick Gaskins in episode 5 of Cockpit.

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