Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mike Shiver and Elevation - Hurricane with lyric(feat. Carrie Skipper)

Today, I love to take us to yet another one of my all time favorite vocal trance that is soothing and yet banging in the sense of Hurricane! Mike Shiver really give me lots of shiver with his mix of this fantastic vocal trance track!!! Can't get enought of it...

Mike Shiver & Elevation - Huricane ft. Carrie Skipper

Mike Shiver & Elevation-Hurricane

Mike Shiver and Elevation feat. Carrie Skipper -Hurricane

Lyric of Mike Shiver & Elevation - Hurricane...
You hear me?
I'm moving faster,
than your eyes can see.
You're helpless,
you're blinded,
you're holding on
so tightly.
How I can read the signs
tha you giving to me

I can tell that by look in your eyes,

got to see you,
got to know you,
got to put my arms around you
Let me give you strength and i pull you through
Let me show you love.

And I want believe,
that you cannot see
the love that you need
and me.

Thunder and rain
will call out your name
the love you don't see
will come to you like a hurricane,

like a hurricane.

The love you don't see.

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