Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fox Bones Finale:Booth & Brennan Finally In Bed Together 5/11/09

Fox Bones Finale:Booth & Brennan Finally In Bed Together 5/11/09
5/11/2009:It's what fans of Fox's 'Bones' have been waiting for! Characters Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan finally find themselves in bed together on this week's season finale.
Basically the clips with the heart beat monitor are from Brennan's story, while the clips from past episodes are Booth's dreams. While in his coma Booth dreams of all the things he and Bones did together over the past four years and how he told her there is someone out there for everyone. At the same time Brennan is writing her story and reading it aloud to him as she writes. When Booth wakes up he's momentarily confused and doesn't know whether the dream he had (the flashbacks) were real or not. Brennan thinking that his subconscious interpreted her story in his dreams tells him it wasn't real. Now more confused than before, Booth believes that the memories he had of this woman in front of him are fake, when in fact they are real. So he asks her who she is, which greatly upsets her because she believes he has forgotten her.

Bones and Booth in bed

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