Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ewan McGregor & All American Rejects 'The Wind Blows' On Craig Ferguson 5/15/09

5/15/2009 Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson:Guests of Ewan McGregor & All American Rejects perform 'The Wind Blows'!
A) intro:Craig chats with the audience, presenting Spartacus & Conquistador.
B) Show & Tell (aka the monologue):Quick-changing Craig's Show & Tell: Angels & Demons and the Code of OOOOOooooo!
C) email:Craig reads viewer email.
D) Ewan McGregor interview:Craig chats with the lovely & tasty Ewan McGregor from Angels & Demons...naughty thoughts, don't fail me now!
E) sketch:An update from the world of sport...ESPN-UK with Sir Cecil Wellsley-Hogg & Dirk Weems, featuring Evan Gregorovich!
F) All American Rejects performance:All American Rejects perform "The Wind Blows"
G) What did we learn on the show tonight, Craig?

Craig Ferguson 5/15/9A Late Late Show beginning

Craig Ferguson 5/15/9B Late Late Show MONOLOGUE

Craig Ferguson 5/15/9C Late Late Show email

Craig Ferguson 5/15/9D Late Late Show Ewan McGregor

Craig Ferguson 5/15/9E Late Late Show sketch

Craig Ferguson 5/15/9F Late Late Show All American Rejects

Craig Ferguson 5/15/9G Late Late Show ending

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