Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chris Matthew On Late Show With Craig Ferguson 6/10/09

Late Show With Craig Ferguson: Guest interview with Chris Matthew and live performance of 'Na Na Na' by Theresa Andersson! (6/10/2009)
A) intro: Craig chats with pride of the Norwegians in the audience.
B) Show & Tell (aka the monologue): A much healthier dose of the Love Machine's Show & Tell: Tele Cooking shows & Scottish cooking.
C) Sketch: Tim Meadows reports from Washington DC on Judge Sotomayor confirmation hearings.
D) email
E) Chris Matthews interview: Craig chats with Chris Matthews host of 'Hardball'!
F) Theresa Andersson performance "Na Na Na"!
G) What did we learn on the show tonight, Craig?

Craig Ferguson 6/10/9A Late Late Show beginning

Craig Ferguson 6/10/9B Late Late Show MONOLOGUE

Craig Ferguson 6/10/9C Late Late Show sketch

Craig Ferguson 6/10/9D Late Late Show email

Craig Ferguson 6/10/9E Late Late Show Chris Mattews PT1

Craig Ferguson 6/10/9E Late Late Show Chris Mattews PT2

Craig Ferguson 6/10/9F Late Late Show Theresa Andersson

Craig Ferguson 6/10/9G Late Late Show ending

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