Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eddie Murphy & Angela Kinsey On Conan O'Brien (Complete Show) 6/9/09

Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien: Guests interview with Eddie Murphy and Angela Kinsey! (6/9/2009)
Conan goes undercover and holds a focus group with senior citizens to see how an older audience reacts to his old Late Night humor! Disguised Conan gets the unvarnished truth about his sense of humor from a focus group of senior citizens!

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Comedy superstar Eddie Murphy stops by to talk about moustaches, the early days of SNL, and who could be the perfect actor to play James Brown on the silver screen. Eddie and Conan talk old Batman villains... and break out into a high pitch sing-off!

Angela visits the Tonight Show couch to discuss her early days in show business... As Max's intern on the old Late Night show!

Focus Group pt 1

Focus Group pt 2

Twitter Tracker

Eddie Murphy pt 1

Eddie Murphy pt 2

Angela Kinsey

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