Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Joel McHale & Dame Edna On Craig Ferguson 6/19/09 (HD)

Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson: Guests of Joel McHale & Dame Edna!(6/10/2009)
A) intro: Craig chats with the audience on Victoria's birthday...NICE TIE!
B) Show & Tell (aka the monologue): Al Gore & North Korea...I feel like I was robbed!!!
C) email (with Joel McHale): Craig reads viewer emails and Joel auditions for the LLS...while wearing the greatest pair of man's booty pants! Damn Joel! Who knew?!?!?!
D) Sketch #1: The Rather Late Programme with Prince Charles
E) Sketch #2: Dear Aquaman!
F) Dame Edna interview: Craig chats with the amusing & lovely Dame Edna
G) What did we learn on the show tonight, Craig?

Craig Ferguson 6/9/9A Late Late Show VICTORIA beginning

Craig Ferguson 6/9/9B Late Late Show MONOLOGUE

Craig Ferguson 6/9/9C Late Late Show Joel McHale email XD

Craig Ferguson 6/9/9D Late Late Show sketch 1

Craig Ferguson 6/9/9E Late Late Show sketch 2

Craig Ferguson 6/9/9F Late Late Show Dame Edna PT1

Craig Ferguson 6/9/9F Late Late Show Dame Edna PT2

Craig Ferguson 6/9/9G Late Late Show ending

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