Sunday, November 8, 2009

BMW M3 GTS Track Testing & Teaser [HD VIDEOS]

Check out latest M3 GTS racing inspired & optimized but street-legal performance sport car from BMW! It has been out at a BMW track to visit the development engineers checking the BMW M3 GTS.
BMW M3 GTS Front
See some very impressive slow-motion pictures of the BMW M3 GTS. At this test-drive you can see the power of this street-legal race car. "Born on the racetrack to live on the street!"
There are some great dreams. But they’re just dreams - so you think. You’ve dreamt them so many times before. You wake up and say goodbye to them almost as if nothing had happened.

BMW M enthusiasts all over the world have a dream like this: a BMW M, consistently optimised for the race track. Pure M genes. A brilliant partner at the physical limits - away from public roads. Fast and honest. But registered for the best public roads, too. It's not where you go, but how you get there. Whether a demanding run on the race track or a pleasurable cruise along country roads and motorways.

And companies can dream, too. Sometimes they even have the same dreams as their customers and fans. In our particular case, this is hardly surprising as there's something which connects the two: pure M genes.

Then something amazing happens. You wake up and the dream doesn’t go away. It’s standing there right in front of you.

The BMW M3 GTS Pure M genes.

BMW M3 GTS Part 1

BMW M3 GTS. Part 2

BMW M3 GTS. Teaser

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