Monday, November 9, 2009

Brawl At High School Girls Soccer Game In Providence [RAW VIDEO]

[RAW VIDEO] A fight breaks out among high school girls soccer players at a game in Providence, R.I. that soon initiated brawl among fans in the stands. It happened during high school girls soccer state championship games!

"Frustrations are frustrations," said Woonsocket soccer coach Kathleen Fagnant. "[Tolman was] down five-nothing. We're both physical teams, and you can only take so much; at a certain point, someone snapped."
Fagnant admitted things just got out of control.

"I know I pride myself and my girls on sportsmanship. And not to put a blame on anybody, it could be us too, we could have been going back and forth," she said. "We had the advantage, and we had good spirits, so I'm not going to take the fall for that."

Remember only few days ago similar story about Douche Names Elizabeth Lambert of New Mexico Attacks BYU Woman Soccer Team! [HD VIDEO]!
High School Girls Soccer Game Brawl In Providence, R. I.

Raw Video: Brawl at Girls' Soccer Game

Brawls break out at girls' soccer game

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