Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cat VS Traffic Cop: Fight For Your Rights! LOL [VIDEOS]

[VIDEOS] Taylor, Texas: A police officer named Keith Urban is just doing his normal routine traffic stop to found himself in a bad spot...Squad car's dash cam caught a suspecting and very daring dark kitty come to fight for its territory and rights climbing all over the officer on Fox News 11-17-2009! So cute...lol! Let the cat fight begin!
88 years old Karl Bittner, the no name kitten's owner comments that he never image he would own a famous cat! How about name the cute little kitten "Cop Buster"! ;)
Cat VS Traffic Cop

Cat VS Cop: Fight For Your Right! LOL

Friendly Kitten No Distraction for Texas Cop

Cat Harasses Cop

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Timothy said...

Cute story I am very fond of Cats hat off to the Officer for keeping his cool well done.