Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chimp Attack Survivor Reveals Disfigured Face On Oprah Show [VIDEOS]

Charla Nash Chimp Attack Survivor Reveals Disfigured Face On Oprah Show
[VIDEOS] Charla Nash, the woman who's face was nearly torn off by a chimp reveals how disfigured she really is currently on the Oprah show for the first time since the attack! WARNING...videos are extremely graphics!

When charla nash’s face was torn off last year by her friend’s pet chimp, no one expected her to survive. But somehow she did…on wednesday morning charla revealed her disfigured face on the oprah winfrey show … we do want to warn you though, the video is really disturbing…

Charla nash is recovering at the cleveland clinic since the brutal attack on her last february.

Most of the time, charla wears a hat and scarf so she won’t scare people.

But as she told oprah, she knew pictures of her disfigured face would fetch millions by the tabloids and preferred to unveil herself on her own terms at her own time….

Let’s take off your hat

Charla says she doesn’t really know the full extent of her injuries

She admits she thought she’d get her eyesighight back someday, even when thedoctors told her it would never happen

I said one day i’ll see the doctors don’t know what they’re talking about then the eyedoc came in and said too bad they had to remove your eyes and i thought, no wonder they’ve been saying that

Charla says she;s not bitter, she just wishes she could spend more time with her daughter

Charla’s long term goal is for a face and hand transplant.

Watch the video of Charla Nash Reveals Her Face to Oprah After Chimp Attack

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