Wednesday, November 11, 2009

DC Mass Killing Sniper John Allen Muhammad Execution Finally Carried Out! [VIDEOS]

[VIDEOS] John Allen Muhammad, the mastermind of the sniper attacks that terrorized the nation's capital region for three weeks in October 2002, was executed by lethal injection Tuesday evening on 11-10-2009 in Virginia.
Photographer and videographer Katie Falkenberg records the events leading up to the execution of D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammad at a Virginia prison.

IMO, death row inmates should sentence to execution sooner, what a waste of our tax payers money, after 5 years! Look, if they ought to think about killing people and not giving them 1 second in life, show no mercy, why should we? These criminals is also what running down our economy as they have no productivity what so ever! Think about it, how much money can government safe and how many death row inmates would decrease if government not let them live by couple years! Pitty...If people want to talk about justice, what about those innocent people getting kill without even they asking for reconsideration? There is something wrong with out justice system to allow these mass killing criminals live more than few seconds!
Government should really think hard at their approach on current justice imbalance, they are practically rewarding hard on these innocent killing death row inmates while punishing hard on good intention tax paying citizens whom lost their jobs due to economy that supports these type of justice! These mass killing criminals made up their mind to kill innocents the moment they know they are "DEAD", yet we are rewarding them more years of prison time...for what? Hoping they would do well before they get executed? They are like the leech that suck our hard working and honest tax payers money every day they live for their sorry life, something have to change seriously! Rewarding hard on our good citizens, be the ones who lost their jobs or lost their health care or the ones who lead to better our life...not these mass killing terroists and criminals who beg for mercy while good citizens and families out on the street hoping to see a better tomorrow because our government is too poor to help out!

The execution of D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammad

D.C.-area Sniper John Allen Muhammad Executed

D.C. Sniper John Allen Muhammad Executed In Virginia

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