Saturday, November 7, 2009

Douche Names Elizabeth Lambert of New Mexico Attacks BYU Woman Soccer Team! [HD VIDEO]

Douche Names Elizabeth Lambert of BYU Attacks New Mexico Woman Soccer Team![HD VIDEO] Nasty jackass, Elizabeth Lambert(#15) of New Mexico woman soccer wrestle her way in the game against BYU, I am utterly surprised how she not getting kick out or suspended  from soccer with the ways she plays(attacks) is just beyond me! Some attacks were pretty obvious, extremely offensive and intentional and yet she is up there running around continue to put BYU's players in harms way!  Where are the referees?  Where is the coach of New Mexico? Why is she even in the team or allow to play any game amid the way she have been playing? Here, just witness for yourself if she is actually playing soccer/football?!? After watching this footage, making me want to jump into the field and give her some slaps!!!  Well, at least BYU won it by 1 point, HAHA!

The pic shows that she is yanking hard on an innocent BYU player's ponytail from behind after a supposedly Elizabeth's unsportsmanlike foul play, WTF!  Look, you be the judge and sound it out!

(UPDATE:11-9-09)Elizabeth Lambert makes public apology on Today Show & suspended by her coach!

Feisty Play Mars BYU vs. New Mexico Womens Soccer

Women's Soccer Rampage

(UPDATE:11-9-09)Elizabeth Lambert Apology On Today Show & Suspended By Her Coach
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