Thursday, November 5, 2009

Josh Duhamel Cheated On Fergie For A Stripper Nicole Forrester Who Speaks Out! [VIDEOS]

Josh Duhamel and Fergie have only been married 10 months, but we’re already hearing rumors he was cheating – with a stripper!

Josh Duhamel denies affair with Atlanta stripper Nicole Forrester, but Fergie reportedly doesn't believe him.

Even though Josh Duhamel denies reports he had a fling with a 34-year-old stripper from Atlanta, some people are saying the transformers star was bragging about his affair with Nicole Forrester on the set of his upcoming movie, “life as we know it.”
A lawyer for the stripper tells Us Weekly she passed a lie detector test and still has racy text messages the actor sent her.
Blasting the story as ridiculous, Josh and Fergie are putting on a united front in public…Tuesday night they were spotted having a romantic dinner at “Chops” in Atlanta… but privately, we hear Fergie doesn’t believe him.
Still, a source close to the Black Eyed Peas singer tells the Chicago sun times, she’s sticking by her hubby. “[Fergie's] been around musicians for too long. She understands show business marriages are not like other people’s…she was fully aware of Josh’s reputation as a ladies man when she hooked up with him.”
The insider adds that the couple had “a very intense and heated” talk, and Josh is “definitely in the doghouse.”

(UPDATED 11-6-2009)
Stripper Nicole Forrester talks to Q100 Atlanta about her alleged affair with Josh Duhamel.
It’s the ultimate CASE of he said- she said… DUHAMEL BLASTED THE ATLANTA STRIPPER’S CLAIM THEY HOOKED UP AS “RIDICULOUS,” BUT now Forrester is telling her side of the story.

IN an exclusive interview with The Bert Show, on Atlanta radio station Q100- stripper Nicole Forrester opened up about her alleged affair with Fergie’s husband Josh Duhamel.

“he came into Tattletales…
That’s Josh Duhamel from the transformers movies Fergie’s husband and I was like ‘what!?”
“when he was leaving he asked for my number I was like- yeah! He gave me his…very nice guy.
then he text me on Friday wanting to hang out and have a good time and party and stuff.

I was like are you Fergie’s huspand and he was like “You know what you know”
we have a lot of evidence that we have…yes. We did hook up, lots of sex…we had a really really good time.

he actually went out of town the week before it happened… he called me back and said “hon hon you have to totally deny that you ever knew me”
I’m really really upset this is going to mess up my life.
I didn’t contact the tabloid- they contacted me. After the 3rd or 4th time… it looks like me- you know.
he kept telling me he was a porn star… have you ever just want to be with somebody… I was intoxicated.
im not lying about anything- he’s just as guilty as I am
He never admitted to being Fergie’s husband… I’m not trying to get 15 mins of fame- not at cost of my children.
It happens every day… I’m human.
I’m not the first that this is happened with and I’m sure I wont be the last.

Nicole says her goal is TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT and that’s she’s not just another stripper trying to get money.

Josh Duhamel Cheated on Fergie with a Stripper?

(UPDATED 11-6-09)
Stripper Nicole Forrester Speaks Out On Affair With Josh Duhamel

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