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Kate Gosselin, Her Story-TLC Exclusive Natalie Morales Interview [COMPLETE VIDEOS]

Kate Gosselin, Her Story-TLC Exclusive Natalie Morales InterviewHere's the requisite preview of Kate's 1 hour interview. Natalie interviewed her and goes on the Today Show to tell all about it. ohboyohboy. i don't need to get into this since the actual interview will cover all this. But I can't help myself but go with a rare "what's up with her hair?" Seriously, Kate, your hair is bad to begin with but a bad haircut on a bad hair day just looks awful. I suspect her hair issues are part of staying in the media.

The interview with Jon is supposed to be a speaking engagement he did with the rabbi. I am trying to find the full version of it, but supposedly he showed up half an hour late and 75 of the paying 125 guests were media. He spoke for over an hour, and the crowd was sparse. At least Kate can hold a sell out a show.

As the episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8 dwindle, this week we get to see a full on hour interview with just Kate - it's not counted as an actual episode. Most people are ready to gouge out their eyes and avoid listening to Kate give her BS PR answers to the same questions yet again... but this one's different. She actually does get some interesting new topics, and seems a little less guarded. I'm particularly interested in the questions about her childhood and relationship with her family.

I don't know much of what went on... anyone know why the grandparents are out of the picture? I would imagine they would have had to have done something pretty awful to be excluded from the gosselin childrens' lives. Those grandparent hugs sure meant a lot to me growing up, I would hope there's a really really good reason to keep those hugs from those kids.

Is she exploiting her kids? This is a valid question but her answer is the martyr approach about bedrest during the pregnancy. She would never put them in harms way, but I have to disagree with this point. Giving up so much privacy, and growing up with media scrutiny can be harmful. I guess a few years down the road we'll see how the kids respond to those sorts of questions.

She says it's laughable that they've been accused of setting out to be celebrities and use the show as their paycheck. I agree with her on this, but somewhere along the way it changed and it did become their paycheck. Was there not forethought of planning for beyond the show? Obviously the show cannot go on forever.

Stepping out of the spotlight isn't an option because they're too far gone? I think she means that they didn't plan for the show to end and they are dependent on the show income. She recognizes the curse of all the bad stuff that goes with the show - paparazzi, media, negative attention etc - but still can't see that those same things could also be curses for her kids.

Kate stipulates that had the show not happened they probably still wouldn't have made it anyways. She's probably right... but what do you think? Had the TV show not happened what would their life be like? And had they never gone back for a second round of fertility what would have happened without the sextuplets?

I like her discussion of the dissolving of their relationship, and I respect her kind words towards Jon - I don't know if I'd be able to speak well of him. But I really think there's some spin there and more to the story she's conveniently leaving out. I don't like to get into all of that because then it turns into a he-said she-said divisive thing where people take sides. Both contributed to the split, both made mistakes and I truly cannot take a side (except for the kids). Taking sides really doesn't matter, and discussions in this seem silly since people are very set on one side or the other.

She wonders if "the old Jon" will come back. Wouldn't that be an awesome plot twist that Regis so called!

Nearing the end of the hour-long interview with Natalie Morales.

We get a glimpse into her life with the p-people following her. I want to feel bad for her - but she put herself in the position to be scrutinized. It sucks, but too bad. Mom to Monster is one of the top 2 worst covers? I wonder what the other one is in the top 2? She didn't sign up to be a tabloid staple? Quick, check to see if stupid is written across her forehead! Sorry, but putting yourself out there for the good stuff makes you vulnerable to the bad.

For most people the media blitz would be too much and they would have realized the negative impact on their families. The fabulous question of the hour is why wasn't it too much for Kate and why didn't she call it quits. Her answer that she'd still be tabloid fodder but without income is just crazy. Delusional is the word that comes to mind.

Kate is proud that her kids knowing the word paparazzi is not her doing - I just want to give Natalie a high-five with her follow up that actually the kids know about paparazzi because of the show in the first place. Kate has to squirm a little at that one. But Natalie is so right.

And now we get the finally of the interview. Kate says she was once a person that focused on the negative, and I find that to be a very accurate statement. Maybe it shows she's grown some insight and that's a good thing. You gotta admit that her wanting for the 2 of them to converse as adults for the sake of the kids is a good goal. I'm pretty sure I haven't heard Jon say anything like that, at least not coherently.

The kids miss filming? Of course they do because they don't know any different. But just because a 5 year old wants to do something doesn't mean you let 'em. Parents have to look out for the best interest of the kids because kids don't know the ramifications of growing up in the spotlight. Most 5 year olds I know can't predict the consequences a day from now let alone 10 years from now.

A show with just Kate? That doesn't seem like a good idea. The draw of J&K is those cute babies and the real interaction between the parents. That's gone. Would a solo Kate show do alright? Sounds like church is too hard for her at this point. And that's fine, but I worry about those kids having yet another stable set of individuals no longer regularly in their lives. The kids loved the programs they were in, that's too bad :(

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