Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kim Kardashian's Ugly Transformation & Face Molding! [VIDEO]

[VIDEO] Kim Kardashian gets a slammed down look for a new TV show with molding of her face which she indicated for prosthetic nose, cheeks and neck!

Looks like Kim Kardashian is getting pretty good at being two faced….. you won’t believe what the reality-show star’s been up too!

The normally glammed up Kim Kardashian took to her blog to reveal a shocking transformation!

Kim Kardashian Ugly transformation And Face MoldingKim says: “This was a real process... I needed to get a molding of my face so I could have a prosthetic nose, cheeks, and neck put on!”

Kim’s make-under is for the new show, Secret Celebrity, where celebs disguise themselves to mess with their unsuspecting fans!

Kim blogs that her makeover was hilarious…but kinda creepy!

“Check out the place I went to! They have made casts of everyone from Tom Cruise to Angelina Jolie for movies! It was so surreal seeing all these famous movie stars' faces on the wall!! Kind of scary, huh?”

Kim’s new look wouldn’t be complete without a new identity.

Her alter ego was Cynthia, Kim explains, after her cousin Cici. We’re sure she’ll be flattered, Kim!

Kim Kardashian's "Ugly" Makeover

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