Monday, November 16, 2009

Sex Rehab W/ Dr. Drew-Season 1 Episode 2 (Full Show, Extended & Extras) [VIDEOS]

[VIDEOS] Waiting and waiting and WAITING for Kari Ann to get out of bed, maybe she is 2 not 25. The first group session goes well as Dr. Drew wants to learn about each patients history and what got them here. Jennifer is starting to see that guilt is what's holding her down. She says she feels like a monster for what she has done. Kari Ann refuses to give the staff a chance, leaving Dr. Drew to believe she is going through drug withdrawal. Phil wishes he had a back story like many of the others as to why he is this way. All he wants is a relationship but he fears that he will get bored with it. Phil starts falling for Amber saying that it isn't even about the sex. Kari Ann is not acting normal which really worries Dr. Drew and Jill. They start to think that she may have a psychiatric problem. Duncan speaks out about the abuse he got from his father during his childhood. Kari Ann is allowed to make a phone call, but ends up abusing her privileges and drama explodes!

(Extended Scenes & Extras)
The housemates talk about if Kari Ann will stay or try to run. They can agree on two things: that she needs the rehab and they think she should stay!
Jennifer talks about having it hard since middle school. Always missing her mother and terrified of her father, she became lost at a very young age.
Amber talks about the anger and rage she has inside and how the little things tick her off.

Waiting For Kari Ann


Jennifer's Guilt

Kari Ann Wants To Use

Phil Talks To Dr. Drew

Phil Has A Crush

Kari Ann Acts Out


Phone Drama

Extended Scene

Jennifer 1-On-1

Amber 1-On-1

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