Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Taylor Swift Seeks SNL Hosting Tips On Late Night W/ Jimmy Fallon [VIDEO]

Taylor Swift gets some priceless advice on hosting Saturday Night Live from former SNL star, Jimmy Fallon!
Your hosting SNL this week? I am.
I have a lot of questions for you.
My advice is to try everything. Be nice to the writers, bring sandwiches and pizza cuz you’re nothing without the writers. You’re singing too, right? Yes. That’s good because if you don’t like your sketches, at least you’’ be good at that.
Thanks for the advice. I have a meeting tonight. It’s Mon. night. A pitch meeting. What happens? They’ll pitch you ideas, for example, you’re Kate Gosselin working in an ice cream store, hope they have better ideas than that…(fake laugh).
That’s what you do, fake laugh, just like that, and so great, that’s funny. When they leave the room, say, “I’m not doing that.”
Did you bring any ideas with you? Yes, do they like that? They love it, but they usually don’t listen to them…
Our advice for Taylor? If you see anyone storming the stage wanting to grab the mic

Taylor Swift Gets SNL Hosting Tips from Jimmy Fallon 11/2/09

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