Saturday, November 7, 2009

The X Factor 2009 Live Show 5 Complete Show [VIDEOS]

[VIDEOS] Stacey Solomon, Olly Murs, Lloyd Daniels, Jamie Archer, Lucie Jones, Danyl Johnson, John & Edward and Joe McElderry are in the X-Factor 2009 live show 5!
Stacey Solomon: Although she's not a natural mover, Stacey is singing a sexy song... will she be sexy enough?
Olly Murs: Worried his song is too old, Olly wants to make it his own. Can he spruce up Twist and Shout?
Lloyd Daniels: Having recovered from a sore throat, can Lloyd recover from low votes with an old song?
Jamie Archer: His song has been changed at the last moment - how will he do with such little practice?
Lucie Jones: She is singing a song that could have been written for her! Will that get her the votes she needs
Danyl Johnson: Simon chose this famous Prince song for Danyl as it's difficult to sing. Is Danyl up to it?
John & Edward: They make another memorable performance in the shape of Ghostbusters! Who you gonna call?
Joe McElderry: With a song better known through the musical, will the judges critisise Joe for The Circle of Life? 
The X Factor 2009 Result Show 5-Hot 'N Cold & Leona Lewis [VIDEOS]

Stacy Solomon The X Factor 2009 Live Show 5 Complete Show

The X Factor 2009 - Stacey Solomon - Live Show 5

The X Factor 2009 - Olly Murs - Live Show 5

The X Factor 2009 - Lloyd Daniels - Live Show 5

The X Factor 2009 - Jamie Archer - Live Show 5

The X Factor 2009 - Lucie Jones - Live Show 5

The X Factor 2009 - Danyl Johnson - Live Show 5

The X Factor 2009 - John & Edward - Live Show 5

The X Factor 2009 - Joe McElderry - Live Show 5

The X Factor 2009 Result Show 5-Hot 'N Cold & Leona Lewis [VIDEOS]
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Anonymous said...

This was the best Danyl has been. Best overall presentation. But Simon's favorite has a very boring voice, and whether acknowledged or not, is iffy. Yet Simon continues to say he's sensational. It just looks like Simon can't back down from his original moment of overstating how good Danyl (thinks he) is. Does Simon like big brown eyes and giant mouths?

Reporter said...

Indeed, I really like Danyl's Prince 'Purple Rain' performance, it is certainly not an easy song to perform! Simon is abit weird on this show, I don't know, but when he is on the American Idol or other singing talent shows, he is more uptight and critical at the singers, apparently he has change of heart on X Factor I guess, we will, see, but I always like his prospect on other shows, cause he really know what the bright talents are!

Anonymous said...

It seems more and more as if Simon is bent on Daryl winning. His behavior is inconsistent. In my opinion, most of the singers are not getting better, they are getting worse, blander and more superficial. The show started off with a good pool of raw talent and are turning them into boring pop mush. Lloyd's "heart throb" appeal should have been encouraged - he makes girls hearts melt and should have been given "torch" songs, sweet, tender. He still prob wouldn't have won but he would have exploited his potential and grown. Stacy was better than she is becoming. etc. etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Simon is getting rid of best performers like Mrs.Frank, Lucie and Reachel so his guys won't have competitors. He could've save them but he always found excuses to make a dead lock. After this show there are only Stacey (who was obviously weakest in Minogue team) and Joe (who gets votes for his cute face rather than vocals) who somehow can compete with Simon's team. Though I believe they will say bye to show soon too.