Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Flyers & Mike Sonar-The Day We Met (Original Mix)

The Flyers & Mike Sonar-The Day We Met (Original Mix)
This latest soothing trance track from Flyers & Mike Sonar really extend trancequality sounds into future! Nice little side kick tune...

Upbeat , Cheerful , Intense. This high-paced tune starts off with a non-linear drum kick combined with a crispy loop that sets the tempo until an electro-feeling baseline with some very interesting distortions drops in. It's amusing to listen carefully to the progression as each main melody is smoothly layered upon the next, but well built enough to let the subsequent take the main lead.

A beautiful piano melody takes over to guide you gently to the silence of the break. As it echoes through the room with an awesome pan trick, the remaining reverberation gives you the feeling that the tune is surrounding you completely. The atmospheric setting is enhanced by the melodic beats and pads that sweep you off your feet by the minute the first key is touched.

you can download the full track on the given link .... the song has been given away for free by the flyers & mike sonar as a gift to all there fans on their first birthday =) enjoy & keep trancing

Download link: The Flyers & Mike Sonar-The Day We Met (Original Mix)

The Flyers & Mike Sonar - The Day We Met (Original Mix) [Promo]

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