Thursday, September 30, 2010

Luminary-Dark Eyes (Funabashi Pres. Tom Porcell Remix)

Luminary-Dark Eyes (Funabashi Pres. Tom Porcell Remix)
One of my favorite vocal trance artist Luminary who made their name with the classic "Amsterdam" which remixed by Smith & Pledger that I loved to death and now with yet another instant vocal trance gosh, that super melodic, progressively uplifting middle session is what I am dying for every time I listen to vocal trance, making me want to fly, this version of remix by Funabashi and presented by Tom Porcell! SUPERB

Luminary - Dark Eyes [Funabashi Presents Tom Porcell Remix]

Luminary - Dark Eyes (Funabashi pres. Tom Porcell Remix)

When the road unwinds like your body does,
When the sky parts like your smile,
I will see you in the earth below,
With your big hands,
And your dark eyes.

When the wind moves soft like your whispering,
When the rain sounds like your tears,
When i would give my soul to see you again,
I'll have no fear...
I'll have no fear...

I would slice my heart in two,
for just one touch from you,
I would do anything you want me to...

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