Monday, October 4, 2010

Aruna & Mark Esteson-Let Go (Lyrics)

Aruna & Mark Esteson-Let Go (Lyrics)
Interesting little new vocal trance track by my favorite trance vocalist Aruna, few nice melodic parts particular at middle end, overall a decent vocal trance track!

Aruna & Mark Eteson - Let Go

Aruna & Mark Eteson - Let Go

You realize I'm fading tonight
I don't wanna be here
You got me tongue-tied
Losing my mind
Every time that you're near
You know it's over
We're just wastin' time
'Cause such a happy days
You'll know we'll never find
For long I've fought, I've waited
All that I had inside I gave it
Tried to believe in time I save it
Sometimes the truth is hard to take
There's nothing to do but walk away
Let go...

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