Friday, November 12, 2010

Alex Bartlett Ft. Anthya-Touch The Sun (Lyrics + Duende Vocal Remix) HQ

Duende Vocal Remix is the best remix of all to the Alex Bartlett's Touch The Sun vocal trance classic IMHO. The remix leverages the best asset of the original which is beautiful and persuasive vocal of Anthya and adds the masterful observations to the lifts and smoothe transitions and bridges based on the vocal making this remix the true art piece to the rest of remixes! This is definitely another one of my vocal trance classic of all time!
Alex Bartlett Ft. Anthya-Touch The Sun (Lyrics + Duende Vocal Remix)
Lisaya vs. Petersen Remix is pretty good too, its got that tropical vibe with the beats that get you moving on the beach shore when this remix pumping in the air! Start out decent club vibe and wham reversal of lifts toward the middle part where quiteness kicks in from tapper to high of vocal trance lifts and alright finish.

Rank 1 Remix is kind of jungle vibe that with good drum beats and decent start and improves the lifts toward the middle with pureness of Anthya's vocal kicking up another notch! Overall, another nice dance quality vocal trance remix of top of many awesome remixes to Touch the Sun!

Alex Bartlett feat. Anthya - Touch The Sun (Duende Vocal Remix)

Alex Bartlett - Touch The Sun (Lisaya vs. Petersen Remix)

Alex Bartlett Feat Anthya - Touch The Sun (Rank 1 Remix)

Light shines always
Light wakes up my day
I'm your starlight
But your still blocking my way
Light it fills alot of lives
Just to grey the truth
Light shines always

Who shines the way?
On my day
Who lights the flame?
Hold me now
Who shines the way
Feel the sun
Who times my flow
Touch the sun

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