Thursday, November 18, 2010

Luigi Lusini-Who We Are (Original Mix) HD

So this Young and up and coming Italian trance producer, Luigi Lusini is definitely refreshing and redefine what trance is all about with one of his latest hit, "Who We Are"! Man, I gotta tell you, this is quite an experience to listen to a trance track that blends with a little bit of acoustic while making it very peaceful, laid back, relaxing and when it progressively hitting the highs, you can still feel the lifts and get the uplifting vibe! Now this is definitely new trance sensation! Awesome trance anthem to ready for da Chicago Bears vs. Miami Dolphins on Thursday Night...lets go monsters of the Midway!!!
Luigi Lusini-Who We Are (Original Mix) HD
Oh, I can't help but to completely agree with one of fellow trance fanatic who posted this comment on the Youtube video: ;)
Trance music is the greatest creation on this planet ! Do you notice how all trance fans are happy, friendly, kind, laid back, loyal and will do anything for another trance fanatic ! I cant get my head around the fact that people dont like this sort of music ? If everybody was on the same level with this music the world would be amazing, peaceful and a much safer place ! Trance music is not in our soul, it is our soul !


Luigi Lusini - Who We Are (A State of Trance 2010)

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Luigi Lusini - Who We Are (Original Mix) [HD]

Luigi Lusini - Who We Are (original mix)

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