Thursday, March 10, 2011

DJ Kharma-Digging This Feeling (Mighty Atom Radio Edit)

So I came across a very sexy video of Nicole Coco Austin's photo shoot on Youtube who is apparently Ice-T's wife with this progressive house ish vocal trance track playing in the background that sounded quite catchy! So I thought of my trance fan around the world might also like it for its uplifting part by a male vocalist that sounded pretty cool from DJ Kharma calls "Digging This Feeling"! Now, I will pop this track up whenever I am digging the feeling for uplifts!
DJ Kharma-Digging This Feeling (Mighty Atom Radio Edit)
There is a radio edit remix by DJ Mighty Atom, but I am not feeling it as much as original with some crappy sound effects, the original is undoubtedly the best!

DJ Kharma-Digging This Feeling

Digging this Feeling (Dj Kharma & Mighty Atom Radio Edit)

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