Monday, April 4, 2011

Freur-Doot Doot (Lyrics & Live 1983)

Today is Monday the slow day and I hope another of my inspiring track would pump up the vibe for rest of week! Again, today's inspiration came from couple of soundtracks, first from "Vanilla Sky" and then "Let Me In", both are decent movies. "Doot Doot" by Freur made in the early 1980s is the song that I am talking about which was the one hit wonder of the UK band that never propelled their career! But who cares when they made one masterpiece that would trancesend generation of music to come right. If I am correct, they are probably the earliest band to heavily apply synth base that later would introduce techno, house and trance! I guess that is one of the reason why this song attracted me so much, but the lyrics were just alright!

I actually really like their live performance, it doesn't sound too off course from the studio sound which is quite impressive back then! Well, here is my shout out to Freur the band that never took off, but respect for your much needed 1 hit wonder "DOOT DOOT"!
Freur-Doot Doot (Lyrics & Live 1983) Honda Repsol MotoGP Superbike
BTW, shout out to our Honda Respoal MotoGP rider Danni Pedrosa for winning at Jerez circuit!

Freur - Doot Doot (Live 1983)

Doot Doot - Freur

Freur - Doot Doot

What's in a name?
Face on a stage
Where are you now?
Memory fades, you take a bow

Here in the dark
Watching the screen
Look at them fall
The final scene

And we go doot
Doot doot

Look at them fall
Flicker and fade
Gone are the screams
I put them to bed, now they are dreams

And we go doot
Doot doot

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