Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jaco-Beautiful Days (Original & Juventa Remix)

(Originally posted on 8-27-2011) Fall is arriving and it is definitely one of my favorite season of year for its air/heat conditioning free just right kind of temperature in Chicago! Just discover a new trance producer, Jaco who pumps out an awesome epic uplifting trance sets that I really really have to recommend. Now this track's lifts and melody got me feeling the vibes from Mango-Good Morning Track, so that definitely qualifies this superb trancequality creation by Jaco and now he is definitely on my radar! Juventa Remix is just another extra spice on top of original mix, both are equally great and delicious!
Jaco-Beautiful Days (Original & Juventa Remix)

I jump you to where I think is the start of the uplifting part...
Jaco- Beautiful Days (Juventa Remix) [HD]

Jaco - Beautiful Days (Original Mix) ASOT #470

Jaco - Beautiful days (Enhanced Recordings)

Jaco - Beutiful Days (Uplifting part)

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