Monday, October 17, 2011

First State-As You Were (Ben Nicky & Extended Remix)

First State-As You Were (Ben Nicky & Extended Remix)After a somewhat grooving weekend that ended with da Chicago Bears pounded Minnesota Vikings on Sunday Night Football, needed one decent uplifting and melodic trance track to extended the mood a little longer. Just so happen to discover an epic trancequility track to bump up the spirit of da Bears, because if they continue to play the way there were last night, they just might get into that Wild Card race this year and you never know, because look at Green Bay Packers, they didn't get the NFC divisional championship and they went on to win the Super Bowl! Lets hope da Bears continue to play urgent with same intensity and focus, you know what they might just be as lucky as Packers to win one at the Super Bowl! HAHA

Now, I am unfamiliar with First State, but their "As You Were" production really making me want to discover more of their work, so they are under my radar for now, excellent work!

Extended version of original is without doubt the best version of remixes eventhough only one other mix by Ben Nicky is available at this time on Youtube! Now, I don't really like the intro of extend remix as much since it is just some random beats and sound effects, so I do the honor of jump to the midtro part where mood, vibe and synth starting to make sense to the feeling of uplift and memorizing by the dwelling timespace motion lift of epic transitions! This is part that is making this mix so worthy of my recommendation, the epicness of synth lift and melody groove are just way to timeless! However, I also don't like the way it fading into its closing with an abrupt drops to the synchronicity of its intro, but overall I really enjoy the experience!

Ben Nicky remix has slightly better overall beat transitions from start to end, and its superb melody lifts are just as great versus extended remix. Totally different feel to it as it has soothing background vocal to boost so it definitely stands out on its own and definitely another one of my top favorite trance remix!

First State - As You Were (Ben Nicky Remix) with Davidi Jump

First State - As You Were (Extended Version) with Davidi Jump

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