Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cressida Ft. Roxanne Barton-Heart On My Sleeve (Kyau Albert Remix)

Cressida Ft. Roxanne Barton-Heart On My Sleeve (Kyau  Albert Remix)Year 2011 is now under my sleeve and well that led to this progressive trance remix by Kyau & Albert that I like to recommend today. Created by Cressida featuring popular trance vocalist Roxanne Barton that came to the inspiration of "Heart On My Sleeve" (Original Mix) which I am not recommending for lack of direction and creativity on its mixing parts!

However, there is only one remix and it is from one of my favorite trance producer Kyau & Albert which brought me to feature it! Overall of remix is decent due to the intro let down where all that beats strutting the vocal in the beginning, it sounds really bad! As it moves on toward the mid-part, beats start to fade and trance melody sweeps in where Roxanne Barton's "heart on my sleeve" powerful vocal chine, that is the part where uplifting trance is all about, so fantasizing and mesmorizingly vibe that is so groovy! This is the part that really made me to recommend Kyau & Albert Remix. The later part of beatworks came much settler and more easing into which works alright. A decent remix to remind to after long days work knowing hey, I got this remix on my sleeve to relax to!

I jump you to the part where I like the most in Kyau & Albert's remix of "Heart On My Sleeve" By Cressida Features Roxanne Barton

Cressida feat. Roxanne Barton-Heart on my sleeve (Kyau & Albert video edit)

Cressida Feat Roxanne Barton - Heart On My Sleeve (Kyau and Albert Remix)

Cressida feat. Roxanne Barton - Heart On My Sleeve

I included the Original Mix as comparison only
Cressida Feat. Roxanne Barton - Heart On My Sleeve (Original Mix)

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