Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gouryella-Ligaya (Lyrics & Extended Vocal Mix)

Gouryella-Ligaya (Lyrics & Extended Vocal Mix)It is inspirational Thursday for me and I am quite shock that I haven't have the pleasure yet to recommend this vocal trance classic vocal mix of "Ligaya" from Gouryella which I have heard it so many times before! This mix is more of situational inspiring kind of vocal trance...basically, what I meant by this is that although the trance mix is decent, it is the vocal and lyrics that supersede this mix into another atmosphere! This track without the vocal is like space shuttle without enough rocket fuel, the lyrics is what made this trance track so much special! So I would only be recommend the vocal mix version of this track! If there is another sub-genere call Inspirational vocal trance, this vocal mix has the be the very definition of it!

I jump you to the start of uplifting...
Gouryella - Ligaya (Vocal Mix) (HQ)

Gouryella - Ligaya (Extended Vocal Version 2003)

This is the first day of my life
For once I'm sure
That this is where I long to be
No need to know
If there is something more than this
No need to go
Cause there is nothing more than this
My future is so clear
Cause everything's right here
Inside of me
Inside of me

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