Thursday, July 26, 2012

Robert Nickson-Maybe Next Time (Original & Avenger Remix)

Oh my! It seems like forever since last time that I recommend another one of my top favorite uplifting trance, so please excuse such long drought and bare with me, USA's midwest is currently going through a drought I am feeling the need to make positiveness out of such negative weather pattern! Anyway, one of my favorite trance producer and DJ Robert Nickson is back on my to recommend list as I dwell upon another one of his masterpiece "Maybe Next Time" that has the wow and my gosh melodic chilling uplifts from the start to end... Robert Nickson was famous for some of my top favorite vocal trance hits like Robert Nickson feat. Elsa Hill - Close Your Eyes

The original mix is definitely my favorite of all remixes as it has the hipping intro and then wham the silence melody swoops in for such peaceful progressive uplift that reminds me the examples of classic progressive uplifting techniques many top trance producers utilized to create their top-notch hits! That anticipation of emotional bursting feel is just super cloud9!

Next favorite has to go to Avenger remix and as matter of my taste, I kind of like the overall progression of this mix, but still untouchable to original mix as it has way more inversion lifts. Avenger remix is got the jazz, piano smoothing in the background while progressively lifts your soul to the top of heaven kind of melody!

I jump you to the start of uplifting...
Robert Nickson - Maybe Next Time (Original Mix) HQ

Life is too short, I jump you again to the start of best intro on Avenger remix...
Robert Nickson - Maybe next Time(Avenger remix)

Robert Nickson-Maybe Next Time(original mix) FULL

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