Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hernandes Ft. Stine Grove - Without You (Lyrics, Kyota Remix)

Oh man, its just so heavenly when I discovered another little new gem in the world of vocal trance that had it on repeats that never tire, ever inspiring and always melo and uplift kind of progressive uplifting vocal trance by Hernades featuring Stine Grove calls, "Without You" specifically mixing up by Kyota!

First of all, when I started listen to it, it didn't get that wow factor that I normally get with an instant classic vocal trance type of vibe as I thought in my opinion, Stine Grove's vocal didn't really best used to her ability while lyrics was quite mediocre and off track at best, but as the lift goes on and toward the middle part where one word chorus ensues, I think IMHO this is the cream of cup type of feeling when you know you are tasting your favorite soup, the joyfulness, lifts, happiness, inspiration, relaxation....I don't know, the feeling that I can't possibly describe when I listen to something of the superb melodic lifting trance during the midpart after around 3:00 when piano progression start, with a little of silence from perfect storm mood setting in, I know that I will have a great day kind of feeling, god damn, forget it, just let that pure trance carry on the words that I can possibly describe to its own right! ;) As I shaking along with the grove, I like to thank vocal trance producers and trance industry for paying attention to what make classic trance top notch and continual the great traditions of superb uplifting melody! Thank you!
I was near teary eyes during "My days are passing by with no drive, no desire...without you", it is just so spot on!

Now there is an instrumental version of it for folks simply want to appreciate the trance part of this gem!
Hernandes Ft. Stine Grove - Without You (Lyrics, Kyota Remix)
Above is dish that I made, without you (da trance), its like great food missing a secret ingredient to me...the journey of making an inspiring recipe is just so much more uplifting with does of trance!

Hernandes Feat Stine Grove - Without You (Instrumental Version)

Looking back at the days that we shared
So full of love, of passion, of life
I can’t believe we couldn’t make it last for good
Time’s only twisting the knife

Walking down The Street Of Loneliness
Sleeping in a bed so cold
Candlelight dinner in solitude
Wondering who you now hold

Without you
Without you
My days are passing by with no drive, no desire
Without you

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