Thursday, April 11, 2013

Essáy & CoMa - Deceptive

Most of Thursday, I like to pick out couple tracks that are more upbeat in tempo going into weekend, but today, situation reckon and this beautiful track came along that I have to push out to the uplifting trance fans..."Deceptive" by Essáy & CoMa that had me dwell upon another rewindless melodic uplifting trance mix with emotion going up and down along with the melody and light beats in the background. Very relaxing track for some life setbacks and stressful week! This is why I love trance, it isn't just music, it saves your soul from drifting astray and heals your wound from emotional dmanages!

What is the meaning of "de·cep·tive"?
Giving an appearance or impression different from the true one; misleading.
Essáy & CoMa - Deceptive

Here, I jump you to the start of where I think is best intro
Essáy & CoMa - Deceptive [Video]

Essáy & CoMa - Deceptive

Essáy & CoMa - Deceptive [FREE]

Essay & CoMa - Deceptive

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