Monday, August 6, 2007

Buggy New Blogger's Poll Widget

Ahhh, buggy New Blogger's poll widget!
I know that it is new and developers probably working 24 trying to get it done ;), but can I please just once put it up like rest of widgets up here?
This is after multiple tries on this poll that I end up blogging about this issue.
Look at the left image for the unavailabilities of poll
Then I decided to remove it and it gives me this error message, look at the right image
So I have to hack the template in order to remove the poll properly.
Then I decided to give it more tries and same thing happen all over again!
I think that I should report this issue, do anyone else use polls in New Blogger? and Did you encounter with the problem similar to this? Just curious!

UPDATE: After about like 5-6 tries, it is up now! ;)

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Mrs Guru said...

I'm having the same problem. Guess I need to keep adding and deleting five or six times before it will work. Ridiculous.

Mrs Guru

David Chen said...

Hey mrs guru,
I think that it had something to do with "too many days" for the event! Originally, I like to have it running for a year, then getting all the errors, then I decided to shorten it to few months, then it finally work,but that was like after 6 tries. So I am not sure if the bugs were due to that time stamp issue or simply unstable poll widget. My suggestion is that if you don't really need to run the poll right now, skip it, as it will affect your blog/site loading speed when the service isn't available. I will update it when it gets back to normal. I will try to visiting the developer forum and their blogs to see how they the progresses are.