Monday, August 6, 2007

New Blogger Post Markup Mistake Prevented IE Rendering Correctly

I noticed a little weird thing when I opened up ITSkyline Blog in IE(Internet Explorer). It only showed half of blog content!?!??!
Well, I was pretty sure that I didn't do anything wrong in the blogger template that would caused this kind of glitch since it shows up fine in FF(FireFox)!
So I go right after the culprit post before ending the blog in IE and check the HTML markup which I usually apply when I format the blog posts. I looked real carefully and viola! found out an unexpected mistake at the end of my post markup which should end in < / span > but instead, it was Look at the image on the bottom right!
So what this mistake did was, it prevented the IE to render the rest of blog after(included sidebars)correctly or not displayable! It shows how "STRICT" the IE browser checked, "NO MISTAKE, NO GAIN" objective...
So what is the lesson that I learned. To make sure that you check both the FF and IE after the posts if you have done extensive markup in it while cut down on the typos! ;)

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