Sunday, August 5, 2007

IE Stack Overflow At Line XXXX Error Prompt While In Flash Content/Player Site

Is your IE(Internet Explorer) browser still popping up "stack overflow at line 0 to XXXX". Make sure that you have follow through with my previous post regarding IE "Stack Overflow At Line 0" Error Prompt before you continue with this post!
Now, what I have understood regarding about this IE stack overflow at line over the 0(50, 86, 300,...XXXX) is that has something to do with the Adobe Flash as well!
Did you see the error prompt of "stack overflow at line" after visiting a site that is Flash enabled content or with Flash video players?


The chances are that you are probably updated to IE 7 and your older version of Adobe Flash is buggy with the new IE browser or the other way around(IE 6 with newest adobe flash)! So if the circumstance is similar, you have to get the latest version of Adobe Flash Player as well, to avoid further annoying error prompts at line while halting your IE browser!

Like I said, this is targeting the Adobe Flash Player caused by stack overflow at line over 0!
If after the Flash update and you get the stack overflow at line 0 or other numbers, be sure to read the tweak on IE "Stack Overflow At Line 0" Error Prompt

Now, if your problem still persist after all tries, comment your specific problems here(What the error prompt show, your browser version, what site was it and what were you doing?) and we will seek for further solutions! Oh, if you TIRED of trying, then may I suggest using FireFox for now? I haven't encounter with the error prompts yet when using FireFox,but understanding that it was AFTER the previous tweaks, hacks and update that I started testing FireFox! So I can't tell for sure that it isn't an issue with FireFox working with older Adobe Flash, but I can say that it is more stable than IE IMO!

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