Sunday, September 16, 2007

How To Avoid Athlete Foot/Feet and Make Your Feet Happy Again With My Secret Self Treated Athlete Foot Killer!

*Disclaimer: I am no foot doctor nor am I trying to be one, so take my advice at your own risk...or not, since this is complete non-IT related, so skip it if you are not health conscious!

Alright, I "had" athlete foot and only happen on one foot covering two toes! I used to gone bare feet in public shower space mostly during my college years and that was probably the reason how I got it in the first place, since one of the most obvious culprit to get the athlete foot is contact with the carrier or objects that was harboring them. So my first advice for college kids or public shower users in general are to by all means necessary, not go bare feet into the public shower room!

Another advice that I would give is to keep your feet clean and your soxes fresh and dry! The germs/fungals of athlete foot love wet and warm feet that are in tightly close shoes under more than hours of wearing. Wash your feet thoroughly during shower everyday and always wear new pair of sox! By doing this, the chances of you catching it is very slim to none!

Alright, I am no doctor so I can't offer 100% scientific proven advices and treatments, but I have painful experience and trial to back up. So I hope the following TOP SECRET self treatment can help the carrier of athlete foot heal and enjoy the normal sensation of feet again!

I know how bad and torturous it felt, itchy and when infected, sharp pain severely paralyze for walking! So it is best to treat it ASAP when you find the symptoms of athlete foot, since sometimes they are quite hard to identify!

Usually, when you feel itchy or sharp sensation between your toes or around them, it could be a good sign that your foot has athlete foot.

Since it won't turn any visual cue in the very first stage , you have to rely on your feeling and sensation. Always speculate, since it is quite easy to catch it if your feet condition are always inside the wet, warm and tight space of sox and shoes.

If you don't wear sox with shoes, you are more likely to get it since sox can be a great barrier for these germs to grow!

Anyway, the points here are to always pay attention about the condition that your feet are in, since most of time outdoor, you are most likely to soak in the shoes. So try to keep your feet in them as short as possible and let some air in for good circulation!

Alright, here comes the secret to my successfully self treated athlete foot without any foot doctor advices and third party treatment. Just beware that this is only for early stage and stage just turn sour. If you are in your late stage of athlete foot, then please seek professional help!

My secret self treatment was inspired by the advice to always keep your feet dry at all times necessary. So please do this "as often and as rigorously as possible and know that athlete foot will definitely go away when you faithfully complete it day after day for few days!"

After the shower, always dry your feet with "HAIR DRYER"! No that is the only secret that I will ever offer to you! Since it saves my foot, I will do it the favor and praise this invention has more productive life than just drying and styling for hair only!

Just few days before I implemented this secret, my athlete foot was very bad and so infected that it bleed yellow between toes! I know that I have to do something about it and I was going to try one of those over the counter brand for treating athlete foot and that should be the first to come in mind. Use my secret with it or if it didn't help or it gets worst!

Use hair dryer distant blowing toward your affected area thoroughly and completely making sure that they are really dry and crispy...well depend on your taste! The drier they are, the happier your feet will become. Do this after shower, before going to bed, before put on your sox and just as often as possible if you like the healing progress to happen sooner. Stay dry and you will kill those germs definitely, since most of the time, if you don't dry them properly they can still grow and live in your feet for as long as they are capable of and trust me, if not treat them dryly, they won't go away!

Ok, now that I offer my successful self treated athlete foot treatment without any doctor advice nor any over the counter cream. It is up to you to use them well and at your discretion! I hope that my painful experience can bring a smell(nope back to your feet, even if I am an IT professional, but I know how to HACK! Take good care of your feet now...

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Adam said...

That's quite interesting. Because I used to have a bit of a problem sometime back. I washed my feet shop with detol everyday before sleepign and used anti-bacterial spray for my shoes. That really helped and I haven't had the problem since then.