Thursday, October 4, 2007

Diagram of USA Highrises Currently Under Construction

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As you can see, Chicago and NYC are the only 2 skyscraper cities that are constantly building new supertalls in USA and with tons of highrises since the inception of skyscraper. While Miami and Las Vegas are the other two noticeable cities of US that are quite active in highrises count during recent years, they will very likely to see slow down in next few years! It takes alot to have the cities that are building highrises year around and Chicago/NYC are the only 2 that are immune to skyscraper drought!
Man, can't wait for Chicago Spire and Trump Tower to complete! By that time, Chicago is still the world's tallest skyline since 2002 comparing only the cities' top 10 tallest skyscrapers in its skyline! Chicago skyline will look awesome in 2010! Considering the amount of supertalls that are currently under construction and many just proposed and approved, Chicago is no doubt, the skyscraper heaven, the birthplace of skyscraper!
From now on, I will also blog about Chicago highrises/skyscrapers, supertalls, architecture and urban development news/progress. Of course, the whole Chicago skyline will be my major focus and occasionally blogging about other great skyline cities around the world as well!

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