Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chris Brown Is Confused About His Image: MTV News Interview [VIDEOS]

In an interview with MTV News, Chris Brown says he's 'confused' about his public image after beating up then-girlfriend Rihanna.

As Rihanna's tell-all interview airs on ABC's GMA and 20/20, Chris Brown talks about Rihanna assault on MTV special. Plus he's having trouble selling tickets to his comeback "Fan Appreciation" concert tour.

Chris Brown Is Confused About His Image: MTV News Interview
Just as rihanna speaks out for the first time about chris brown, it seems like chris brown is trying to compete for attention…

In a blockbuster series of interviews with abc’s good morning america and 20/20 rihanna is finally opening up…

“a lot of people who experienced what i did, but not in public. It made it really difficult…here it goes, my little bit of privacy was exposed… something nobody wants anybody to know. So here i am., the whole world knows.”

On friday, more of rihanna’s interview will air on 20/20 – the same day chris brown’s interview airs on an mtv special, where he reportedly tells mtv news…

“my thoughts is like, ‘why did it happen?’, like ‘what was i thinking?’, ‘what is wrong with you?’,”…and…“my thoughts basically now is just, ‘ok, how do we get past it?’”

One thing he’s doing to try and “get past it” is launch a comeback “fan appreciation” tour…except it doesn’t look like there are too many fans who appreciate him.

Brown’s gigs, which are set to start next week at the house of blues in houston and wrap up in new york in mid-december, aren’t even close to selling out.

An industry insider tells the new york daily news, “chris lost a lot of fans after he assaulted rihanna…chris made his own bed. And now he has to lie in it.”

Chris Brown Says He's Unsure About His Image

Chris Brown Talks About Rihanna Beating on MTV News

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