Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jon Gosselin Storms Off While Being Interviewed W/ Hailey Glassman [VIDEOS]

[VIDEOS] ET covers more of the Hailey-Jon saga. Last week Hailey did a cryfest on the insider that got everyone talking. To keep the tabloids going, Hailey decided to do another sit down but this time on ET. Interestingly in this one Jon is just sitting there the whole time. If the accusations are true that he's abusive, then anyone will tell you you can't get an honest interview while the abuser is right there. Who knows if he's there for moral support or not.

Last week Hailey had an emotional breakdown on the Insider claiming emotional abuse. Yesterday Hailey Glassman sat down for an awkward interview about their relationship with Jon Gosselin sitting just off camera. He decided to step in and participate. Wearing the same clothes, I think today's interview picks up where the last one left off. Could they be breaking up on national television. More drama than anyone needs.

You mean to tell me that a relationship with a 10 year age gap that begins with a married man straying from his wife Kate Gosselin that involves alcohol and partying all while the media scrutinizes every move has hit a rough patch? Who'd have thunkit. I don't know if they'll be able to pull it off for the long haul, but I know they can't continue at this pace without some major counseling. Looks like we'll get to see more tomorrow.

UPDATE (11-14-09): This one interview is getting very drawn out. Day 3 shows more recap, more hype, and a tiny bit of new footage, stay tuned for more of the interview... sigh. Does it really need to be drawn out that much?

This interview features some fabulous footage that will leave you nostalgic for the Jon of J&K+8 at his passive-aggressive finest. It's so classic. Maybe it's just me, but I'm envisioning lockers and lunch tables from my middle school as I'm watching this. He's how old? Sheesh.

Jon walks off set from Hailey - ET Day 1

Jon storms off set while being interviewed with Hailey

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Jon and Hailey drama - day 3 on ET

Jon walks off set from Hailey - ET Day 4

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