Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sex Rehab W/ Dr. Drew-Season 1 Episode 1-Meet The Patients (Full Show, Extended & Extras) [VIDEOS]

Meet the patients of Dr. Drew's Sex Rehab in the dramatic first episode!
In the extended and extras: The house is struggling with Kari Ann. A new assignment on making a timeline of their lives leads to some anxiety. Duncan talks about how he feels that he is not even "there" when being sexual. Phil talks with Dr. Drew about drugs and how he used cocaine but has never smoked cigarettes. For him, sex was his gate-way drug. Kari Ann puts up a wall with a 'big smile' when she talks with Dr. Drew for the first time.

Season 1 Casts:
* Penny Flame – Porn actress / Director / Business woman
* James Lovett – Surfer / Wakeboarder
* Nicole Narain – Model / Playboy Playmate
* Kari Ann Peniche – Beauty queen / Model / Fashion designer
* Kendra Jade Rossi – Ex-porn star / Music manager
* Duncan Roy - Producer / Writer / Director
* Amber Smith – Supermodel/Reality TV star/Actress
* Phil Varone – Musician/Comedian

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Sex Rehab W/ Dr. Drew-Season 1 Episode 2 (Full Show, Extended & Extras) [VIDEOS]

Jennifer arrives at the rehab center with more than a few sex toys!

Because Nicole was sexually abused as a child, she knows it plays a big role in how she feels about sex today.

Kari Ann
Kari Ann keeps telling Dr. Drew how she is over her parents divorced, over being abused, over being raped and that she is OK.

Phil says if he has to guess he has slept with OVER 3000 woman! He does not want to end up alone but does not know how to stop the sex.

Kendra feels that sex was and is what she is valued for and because of that, she has cheated on every person she has been with. Now that she is married, she does not want to destroy what she has.

Amber is terrified of starting sex rehab, saying that she thinks it will be worse than drug rehab was.

The First Group Meeting
Dr. Drew talks to everyone at their first group meeting, going over the contracts they all signed, saying they will not even go so far as to touch anyone else unless it is a handshake.

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