Monday, October 25, 2010

Super8 & Tab Ft. Jan Burton-Mercy (Lyrics+Original & Dub Mix) HD

Super8 & Tab Ft. Jan Burton-Mercy (Lyrics+Original & Dub Mix) HD
One of my favorite trance remix artists Super8 & Tab are back with another nice comeback of fantastic uplifting progressive vocal trance blends by the interesting but mediocre male vocal of Jan Burton, making this new hit one of my new 2010 vocal trance favorite which also featured on Trance Around The World! Start out strong, beats and vocalizing to the middle where the emotional part brings out the best part of this uplifting vocal trance to the level of euphoria throughout! Super8 & Tab are awesome together and have not been disappointed me with most of tracks that I have heard from them like the remix of Paul Van Dyk, Starkillers & Austin Leeds Ft. Ashley Tomberlin-New York City that got me to think these 2 trance producers are the best trance duo since Mike Shiver & Armin Van Burren!

PS-If Jan Burton's vocal not your taste, you can still scroll down to the last video below which I also include the full dub version of the trance track!

Super8 & Tab feat. Jan Burton - Mercy

[HD] Super8 & Tab feat. Jan Burton - Mercy (Original Mix)

Super8 & Tab ft Jan Burton - Mercy

Super8 & Tab feat. Jan Burton - Mercy (Dub Mix) FULL

Now let’s take this from the start
Are we cold and are we killers?
Will you break my mind apart?
Have you seen what pain delivers?

If you start to fall apart
You won’t build a life of pleasure
And if you wonder what we are
We can build a life together

We can love and live forever
We can taste these feelings come alive
And my interest is in love
And I cannot take this pressure
And I wonder who of us abides
There’s no conflict from above

I’m asking for mercy
Asking don’t hurt me
Easy so please don’t divide my mind tonight

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