Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Suncatcher-Good Morning (Original Mix Kandi Fix, Static Blue, Owen & Dan Remix) HD

Another one of my favorite trance producer, Suncatcher, as the name indicates, "Good Morning" to catch the beautiful sunrise beyond the horizon and that is what this fantastic trance track reminiscence! Original Mix fixed by Kandi is definitely my favorite remix of this track, as it smoothed out the disgusting bumps and rumps in original mix intro and add the higher synth to give this original mix fix more lifts! Overall, a very nice trance track to wake up to!
Suncatcher-Good Morning (Original Mix Kandi Fix, Static Blue, Owen & Dan Remix) HD
Static Blue Remix is actually my favorite remix of the original too, considering that it isn't a fix but transform into lighter and smoother overall track, not a bad alternative to listen to when you get tire of the Original Mix Kandi Fix version!

Owen and Dan Remix is quite smoothing and relaxing to listen to, enjoy the quite melody of the morning with low and tapper out beats that give this remix just enough kick to spice up the meloness! Very interesting...

[HD] Suncatcher - Good Morning (Original Mix Kandi Fix)

Jump right to the good part...
Suncatcher - Good Morning (Original Mix)

Good Morning (Static Blue rmx) - Suncatcher ♪♫♪♫☺

Suncatcher - Good Morning (Owen and Dan Remix)

[HD] Suncatcher - Good Morning (Daniel Kandi Fix) [ASOT 415]

Suncatcher - Good Morning [HD]

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DJ Yosek said...

Do you have the original track for the Daniel Kandi Fix? I've been searching HIGH and LOW the interwebs over, and can't find it.
Many Thanks,
DJ Yosek

David said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by DJ Yosek! Unfortunately, I don't have the original mix as I like the Kandi Fix version much better. I added couple more videos of Original Mix, cheer! :)