Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Javah Ft. Tiff Lacey-One By One (Jason Van Wyk, Cyrex & Dima Krasnik Remix) HD

Man, I gotta tell you, this is one of those rare vocal trance hit that has so many awesome, epic, uplifting, melodic, massive, full-power and god knows how many trancequality words that can be describe to appreciate how well done and trancend the rhyme of uplifting & progressive trance remixes at their finest! Whew, there is definitely no exaggeration here to say that this track has the most great remixes of vocal trance that I ever have the pleasure to listen and judge on, so for this eargasmic vocal trance track by once again fairly unknown trance producer named Javah and one of my top favorite trance vocalist, Tiff Lacey...I am not going to rank the remixes here as everyone of them are so nicely done on its terms and are well worthy of checking out.

Oh yea, this is another one of those vocal trance with lyrics sometimes that you can't make out of, but who care much of the lyrics when you have the trance, beats and syth that will rise above all words! As each one of remixes have their own lyrics, so I am not going to post the lyrics and let each remix speaks on its own! The uniqueness of each remix and superb mixing works dedicate to this track making it one of my favorite vocal trance remix of all time! This is what uplifting trance is about, TRANCE 4ever!
Javah Ft. Tiff Lacey-One By One (Jason Van Wyk, Cyrex & Dima Krasnik Remix) HD
My personal favorite remix of this vocal trance tune is from Jason Van Wyk who has plenty of great remixes in the past and that is why I put his remix above all eventhough, everyone of remixes below are just as good! ;) First of all, this version of remix is clean and simple and lighter on the beats but high on the uplifting synth and twists with the melodic vibe and beautiful vocal mixes of Tiff Lacey making it especially stand out for my taste! World class mixing with massive trance equals in love with trance again and forever is what I get out of this remix, starts out awesome as usual, dramatic lifts toward the center and memorable finish with the job well done, Jason! Can't wait for the future remixes and producing from you! :)

Cyrex remix is superb mix that is aim at dance club that has the fab beats, drilling twists, lifts, melo and vocal to top!

Dima Krasnik remix is another fantastic mix aiming toward club environment that is high and heavier on beats but sure will get you moving! My gosh, the start is pretty epic and the sound effects mixing are very accurate and effective with a mid part vocal mix that lifts and epicness will stick with you till the end, wow definitely making this remix a tons of worthiness!

Javah Feat Tiff Lacey - One By One (Jason Van Wyk Remix) [HQ] [TRANCE]

Javah Pres. Tiff Lacey - One by One (Cyrex Remix)

Javah pres. Tiff Lacey - One By One (Dima Krasnik Remix)

javah feat tiff lacey - One By One 2009 (Dima Krasnik extended mix)

Extended version of Cyrex Remix

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