Sunday, December 5, 2010

7 Skies-Sushi (Original & Ben Gold Remix) HD

So the intro of this new trance track from 7 Skies Original Mix started pretty good and when it hits near :58(first video) with the epicness and progressively uplifting melody which I find it quite similar to that of new massive vocal trance track "My Enemy" from Super8 & Tab Feat. Julie Thompson! Maybe this is the latest trend and I definitely love it cause it really gives out that epic rise and rush! However, after that lovely lifts, near 2:00 everything all gone downhill with another rubbish beats and mashes of sound effects that sounded really annoying and sickening to what could have been another awesome trance track in the making. Piss poor job mixing the lifts on this track is the only let down and displeasure that I have! If it wasn't A&B TATW record of the week title, I wouldn't have recommended it and will only do if there are remixes that would mix that lousy part! So overall, the original mix is just alright.
7 Skies-Sushi (Original & Ben Gold Remix) HD
Ben Gold Remix is also alright, nothing standout or anything better than Original mix that I can really complement on.

7 Skies - Sushi (Original Mix)

|ASOT 475| 7 Skies - Sushi (Original Mix)

7 Skies 'Sushi' - Record Of The Week on Above & Beyond's Trance Around The World #334

7 Skies - Sushi (Ben Gold Remix)

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