Thursday, December 9, 2010

Res-They Say Vision (Lyrics, Bastone N Burnz & DJ Encore Remix)

Alright guys, thanks to a lead from my friend Victor Tormenta on Facebook who posted an interesting and hippo dance club type of vocal trance remix by Bastone N Burnz which it is growing on me now! The original by Res is not bad and I am not sure what type of genere it belongs to as it kinds of crossing between contemporary rock to alternative, but her vocal making it sounded like R&B...Anyway, I recommend this track not because of original, but how well the remix has transform it into another awesome club feel vocal trance track like the previous one from Britney Spears-Someday (I Will Understand) (Lyrics, Leama & Moor Remix)!
Res-They Say Vision (Lyrics, Bastone N Burnz & DJ Encore Remix)
Bastone N Burnz remix is the best remix of all and there are only 2 remixes that I would recommend out of this track! Bastone N Burnz starts out nicely and swooping into one of the nicest progression and synth lifts for the pop remixes that I have ever heard starting from 1:30! Very well done in terms of keeping the originality with the beats that are just right and not distorting the beautiful vocal. Transitions and bridges are very good to keep the listener engages most times. Plenty of lifts to move the mood up and down while hands high above the shoulder which is really what succeed with this remix as well as keeping the vocal interesting! This remix brings back lots of old school vocal trance style and sure fits nicely to the original which can get you move on the dance floor! ;) Definitely another one of my favorite vocal trance pop remix of 2010!

For DJ Encore Remix, I love the start to some heavier beats and builds up the mood and lifts with lighter beats toward the middle! Another decent remix to the original. This remix would be like by many progressive house fans more!

Res-They Say Vision (Bastone N Burnz Remix)

Res-They Say Vision (DJ Encore Remix)

Res - They Say Vision OFFICIAL VIDEO

I wanna try that pill that people take
Make you believe all the things that people say
Sick of shuckin' 'round with a screwed up face
With my heels dug in trying to leave a trace
Now come on put me down somehow
How you lose your faith
(just take my hand and lead me where you wanna)

Pay no more mind to what you think you've seen
It's as they do only
Say what they say
'Cause there's only one way
They-Say Vision
It takes you back to just where you want
Like when you ain't know no way

Industry's down think I've died and I've flown away
So so long to them thieves who came and took all the things to say
I play the joker sometimes but then those moments slide back my way
'Cause for real I'd give my soul away
Give it all away
(so take my hand and lead me where you wanna)


I know where they all go find someplace
Where they don't mind loafing about the waste

They-Say Vision takes you back to where no conscience
Free from how you really see

And if you think that you know
Take the back road
They got you where they want
They got you

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