Friday, December 17, 2010

Smith & Pledger-Northern Lights (Breakfast & Phil Johnston vs. Aspekt Remix)

So I tuned in on the Above & Beyond's Trance Around The World Episode #350 Last Friday night which was another milestone for them as they throwing down a huge rave party down at LA's Hollywood Palladium with guest DJ from Jaytech to Super8 & Tab, it was a night or morning of massive rave till dawn 7 hours of nonstop trance craziness! There were many fantastic mixes played for Above & Beyond as you should know by now that TATW is hosting by Above & Beyond every week, but episode #350 is special tour for them so they played out more of their vocal trance classic and slighter more of progressive house vibe due to US live audiences. Its alright, cause I tuned out during house track as most of them played during first half of their session and transit into trance to end the show that definitely bring down the house!
Smith & Pledger-Northern Lights (Breakfast & Phil Johnston vs. Aspekt Remix)
Anyway, I really like one of the new remix of classic trance track from Smith & Pledger of "Northern Lights"...Breakfast remix that sure made my morning breakfast that extra enjoyable while listening to this fantastic mix! Breakfast remix slightly edge out the next remixes by Phil Johnston vs. Aspekt, but they both are just equally sweet as the original!

Phil Johnston vs Aspekt remix starts out kind of boring, but progressively going into nice beats and lifts, so I have to take a skip right to the goodie start of this remix! Not a bad club vibe of battle out dance remix with nice beats and melody after my jump on this video!

Original mix is very good too from intro to end, and this is definitely one of those trance track again with couple awesome remixes!

Smith & Pledger - Northern Lights (Breakfast Remix)

Smith&Pledger - Northern Lights (Phil Johnston vs Aspekt remix)

smith & pledger - northern lights

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