Thursday, April 7, 2011

Michael Angelo Vs. Solo Ft. Vicky Fee-Find Your Way (Mike Shivers Garden State & Dub Mix)

I love vocal trance that gives you inspiration and Mike Shiver's Garden State mix did just the trick with its superb melody and uplifts vibe on the original mix of Michael Angelo Vs. Solo's "Find Your Way"!

The original mix is alright , heavier beats and harder steps intro and doesn't sound as inspiring to me, improves toward middle part and finish on the high notes. Although, it is more of hard trance or progressive house type of mix! The video sounded funny cause the volume goes up and down sometimes, you wonder why? It really isn't my style per se, but I included as comparison to Mike Shiver's Garden State Mix!
Michael Angelo Vs. Solo Ft. Vicky Fee-Find Your Way (Mike Shivers Garden State & Dub Mix)
Now, when it comes to Mike Shivers' Garden State mix, I am in awe again by the master trance DJ & producer's outcome to such mediocre original mix! Mike has done it again to shiver me with his fantastical lifts and melody as well as the beats that bring out the best of the inspiration that is to "find your way"! Now, every trance producers can create average tracks & remixes, but only the elite ones like Mike Shiver who attended to details that pump out a remix with true emotional connection! That is why its been my pleasure to shout out to Mike Shiver for yet another outstanding mixing work and revamp the original for the true trance fans around the universe! Thanks Mike for guide our way to trance-vers again with this mix and I shall await for more beautiful remix in coming years! Thank you!
The intro is alright and the video volume gone up and down so I do the courtesy jump to the mid-tro where the melody vibe starts, from there on its sweet as it can be with that vocal of angel like from Vicky Fee...definitely my favorite mix of the original!

Now if you like longer version of mix, but without vocal, the dub mix is the way to go. The audio quality is better on this video so you get to hear more of Mike Shiver's mixing over some vocal!

Michael Angelo vs Solo featuring Vicky Fee - Find Your Way (Mike Shivers Garden State Mix)

Michael Angelo - Find Your Way feat. Vicky Fee - Dub Mix

Michael Angelo Vs Solo Feat.Vicky Fee - Find your way (Original Mix)

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